Thematic lines

Thematic lines
LT1 – The constructed city: theory and History of the cities
LT2 – The inherited city: heritage and the city
LT3 – The palimpsest city: destruction, reconstruction and the memory of the city
LT4 – The represented and imagined city: culture, art and the city
LT5 – The playful city: leisure and sports in the city
LT6 – The lived city: neighbourhoods, associativism, security, mobility and freedom
LT7 – The moving city: policies and strategies for transportation and public services in the city
LT8 – The inhabited city: architecture and urbanism in the city
LT9 – The solidary and accessible city: social services and disability integration in the city
LT10 – The market city: industry, commerce and economy in the city
LT11 – The visited city: tourism and the city
LT12 – The communicated city: media and advertisement in the cities
LT13 – The identifiable city: the city as identity and brand
LT14 – The sustainable city: health, water, ecology and the city
LT15 – The virtual and real city: technology and the city
LT16 – The 2.0 city: social networks and the city
LT17 – The future city: youth and the city
LT18 – The creative city: tradition, personality and innovation in the city
LT19 – The wise city: education and the city
LT20 – The equalitarian city: gender and the city
LT21 – The political city: management and administration of cities and policies for the citizens